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About Us

In 1992, Yến got her first food display on the street of Nguyen Binh Khiem, where people are plenty but income was scarce. She then became popular with the local workers in the factory nearby, where her husband, Hung worked at. From there, she moved on to owning her own food cart, driving it from local neighborhoods to selling her dishes in the zoo. She was the eldest sister of seven siblings, which means her income was crucial with little to go around. 

From her cart, she open up a small station where she was able to set in her roots with the community. Everybody came just to try her food. Even those who cannot afford meal, would swing by just to say good morning and she would give them a bowl of food.

Eleven years later in 2003, Yến and her family came to America eyes wide and full of hope. It took her another 17 years in 2020 that she was finally able to fulfill her dream and open Yến's Kitchen. Now it has become a small family owned business with the help of her husband and her two children. Most of all, it was because of the community that believed in her and her food that made Yến's Kitchen a reality.

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