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Sushi Plate

"Street food is a brand, it is a cuisine inherited from our parents and culture."

- K.F. Seetoh

Catering Menu

Step 1: Select your dishes. You can choose trays, pots or servings.

Step 2: Send us your request via email or give us a call.

Step 3: Wait for our confirmation of delivery/pick-up date and time. 

Step 4: We will call the day of prior to pick-up/delivery. Enjoy Yến’s food!

All orders must be placed 48 hours in advance prior to pick-up/delivery time. Large orders may require an extended period to prepare. Subject to availability. First come first serve for scheduled orders.

VN Style Salad

Half or Full Tray


N1. Lotus Root Salad

- Shrimp, pork, lotus roots, carrot, cucumber, celery, onion, VN coriander.


N2. Chicken Feet Salad

- Chicken feet, lotus roots, carrots, cucumber, celery, onions, VN coriander.


N3. Shredded Chicken Salad

- Shredded Chicken, banana blossom, cabbage, carrot, onion, VN coriander.


N4. Papaya Salad: Beef Jerky or Shrimp & Pork

- Papaya, carrot, onion, VN coriander, basil. 


Extra: Shrimp Chips

Sandwiches Tray

B12. Pick 2 choices of meat: 11th is free
Whole or Cut

Red Ham

Pork Roll

Shredded Chicken


Fried Egg

Pork Floss & Egg

Sardine & Egg

Pork Skin

Grilled Pork

Charcoaled Shrimp

Jicama Roll Bánh Mì

Yến’s Special (Red Ham, Pork Roll, Pork Floss)

Yến’s Special Supreme (3x MEAT!)

Steak and Egg


O1. Egg Roll                       (25 or 50 rolls tray)

(pork or vegetable)

O2. Jicama Roll               (25 or 50 rolls tray)


O3. Summer Rolls

- Pork                                (25 or 50 rolls tray)

- Shrimp                           (25 or 50 rolls tray)

- Vegetable                     (25 or 50 rolls tray)

- Mix (pork & shrimp)      (25 or 50 rolls tray)

- Pork Skin                         (25 or 50 rolls tray)    



- Fish Sauce (16 oz)

- Peanut Sauce (16 oz)


Half (10 qt.) or Full (20 qt.)

P1. Crab and Maw Soup

- Crab meat, fish maw, quail egg, scallion, cilantro.


P2. Crab and Bamboo Soup

- Crab, bamboo shoot, quail egg, scallion, cilantro.


P3. Thousand Year Chicken Soup

- Shredded Chicken, Thousand-year egg, scallion, cilantro. 


P4. Seafood Soup 

- Crab, shrimp, squid, egg, scallion, cilantro. 


A11 - 10 servings

Pork or Chicken




- Vegetable

- Rice paper

- Fish Sauce

Fried Rice

Custom options available*

Q1. Vegan route

- Tofu, mushroom, carrot, peas, corn, scallions, cilantro

Half Tray       Full Tray


Q2. The Works

- Sausage, ham, pork roll, sun-dried prawn, egg, carrot, peas, corn, scallions, cilantro

Half Tray       Full Tray


Q3. Pineapple Lovers

- Ham, pork roll, shrimp, pineapple, egg, carrot, peas, scallions, cilantro

Half Tray      Full Tray


Q4. Seasoned Fish

- Salted fish, shrimp, egg, onion, cilantro

Half Tray       Full Tray


Q5. Taste of the Sea

- Shrimp, Squid, egg, carrot, peas, scallions, cilantro 

Half Tray      Full Tray

Stir Fried

Custom options available*

R1. SF Egg Noodles (Pork)

- ham, pork roll, egg, carrot, bean sprout, and mixed greens

Half Tray     Full Tray


R2. SF Egg Noodles (Seafood)

- shrimp, squid, egg, carrot, napa, and broccoli

Half Tray     Full Tray


R3. SF Glass Noodles (Beef or Chicken)

- carrot, mushroom, pepper, bean sprout, and mixed greens

Half Tray     Full Tray


R4. SF Glass Noodles (Crab)

- carrot, mushroom, pepper, bean sprout, and mixed greens

Half Tray     Full Tray


R5. SF Thin Vermicelli Noodles (Pork)

- Ham, pork roll, egg, carrot, bean sprout, and mixed greens

Half Tray     Full Tray


R6. SF Pho Noodles (Beef)

- eye round steak, onion, bean sprout, and mix greens

Half Tray     Full Tray


Custom options available*

S1. Chicken Wings

Dry seasoned, garlic butter, or fish sauce

50 wings     100 wings


S2. VN Chicken Curry

- sweet potato, onion, and coconut milk 

Small (10 qt.)     Large (20 qt.)


S3. Chicken Ragu Stew 

- potato, carrot, tomato, onion, and coconut juice

Small (10 qt.)     Large (20 qt.)


S4. Chicken with Pate Stew

- pork pate, potato, carrot, tomato, onion, and coconut juice

Small (10 qt.)    Large (20 qt.)


Extra: Plain Baguette (1)


Custom options available

T1. Beef Ragu Stew

- potato, carrot, tomato, onion, and coconut juice

Small Pot (10 qt.) - $130     Large Pot (20 qt.) - $250


T2. Beef with Pate Stew

- pork pate, potato, carrot, tomato, onion, and coconut juice

Small (10 qt.) - $130     Large (20 qt.) - $250


T3. Leftover Beef Stew

- beef organ, tripe, lemongrass, coriander, coconut milk, coconut juice

Small (10 qt.) - $130     Large (20 qt.) - $250


T4. Steak Carpaccio with Lime

- Rare steak, lime juice, onion, jalapeño, coriander, basil, and peanut

Half Tray - $70    Full Tray - $130


Extras: Shrimp Chips - $10


Custom options available*

U1. Grilled Calamari with Chili Saté (MP)

- Squid, lemongrass, saté chili oil

Half Tray 4 – 6lbs      Full Tray 10 – 15lbs

U2. Dry Seasoned Shrimp (MP)

- Jumbo shrimp, butter, jalapeños, onion, and scallion

Half Tray 4 – 5lbs     Full Tray 10 – 12lbs

U3. Deep-Fried Shrimp (MP)

- comes with sweet chili sauce

Half Tray 4 – 5lbs     Full Tray 10 – 12lbs

U4. Ginger Scallion Lobster (MP) 

- 2 lobsters minimum

- cook with sauce or sauce on the side

Sm. Lobsters (1.25 – 1.5lbs)   Lg. Lobsters (2 – 2.5lbs)

Some Savory Goods


V1. Paté Chaud Pastry (12 pc.) - $30
V2. Shrimp Toast (12 pc.) - $30
V3. Spicy BBQ Baguette (5 pc.) - $30
V4. Steamed Pork Buns (15 pc.) - $45
V5. Pork Rice Rolls (tray) - $50
V6. Water Fern Cakes (100 pc.) - $50
V7. Coconut Rice Cake (tray) - $50
V8. Sticky Rice Dumplings (30 pc.) - $40
V9. Tapioca Dumplings (50 pc.) - $25
V10. Silver Dollar Crêpes (50 pc.) - $50
V11. Rice Paper Salad (tray) - $45

Some Sweet Goods


W1. Cassava Waffles (30 pc.) - $40
W2. Pandan Coconut Waffles (10 pc.) - $45
W3. Sesame Donut Balls (30 pc.) - $35
W4. Profiterole Cream Puffs (30 pc.) - $40
W5. Profiterole Cream Sticks (30 pc.) - $40
W6. Savory Egg Cupcakes (12 pc.) - $35
W7. Banana Bread Pudding - $30
W8. Rainbow Rice Cakes (30 pc.) - $30
W9. Rainbow Cassava Silkworm (tray) - $45

Sticky Rice


G20. Pandan Leaves (sm. tray) - $50

G21. Magenta Leaves (sm. tray) - $50

G22. Butterfly Pea (sm. tray) - $50

G23. Mung Bean (sm. tray) - $50

G24. Black Bean (sm. tray) - $50

G25. Gac Fruit (sm. tray) - $50

G26. Cassava (sm. tray) - $50

G27. Charcoal (sm. tray) - $60

G28. Peanut (sm. tray) - $60

G29. Dry White Corn (sm. tray) - $60

G30. Creamy White Corn (sm. tray) - $60

G31. Anise Cake (sm. tray) - $60

G32. Pork Stuffing (sm. tray) - $60

G33. Savory Sausage (sm. tray) - $60

G34. Rainbow Taster (sm. tray) - $60

        - (Pandan, Magenta, Mung Bean, Gac Fruit & Peanut)



E30. Taro Sticky Rice (tray) - $50
E31. Ginger Dumpling (pot) - $50
E32. Creamy Mung Bean (tray) - $40
E33. Cream Corn (tray) - $50
E34. T.S.C. (pot) - $60
E35. T.S.C. Tapioca (pot) - $60
E36. Banana Tapioca (pot) - $60
E37. Mung Bean Tapioca (pot) - $50
E38. Hyacinth Bean (tray) - $50
E39. Black Eyed Peas (tray) - $50
E40. Iced Mung Bean (10 serv.) - $40
E41. Iced Black Bean (pot) - $50
E42. Iced Seaweed Mung Bean (pot) - $50
E43. Rainbow “Jelly” Bean (pot) - $60
E44. Triple Color Deluxe (pot) - $60
E45. Fruit Cocktail Thai Style (pot) - $60
E46. Summer Lotus Cocktail (pot) - $70

The Pot

Each pot will have a minimum of 10 servings.
Choose to-go containers or free pot rentals.
All pot rentals will have a refundable deposit.

A10. Phở Supreme (10 serv.)

- Extra vegetables

- Beef marrow bones (10 serv.)


H10. Vermicelli Tomato Crab Soup (10 serv.)

H11. Vermicelli XL Water Spinach Crab Soup (10 serv.)

- Extra water spinach


i10. Clear Noodle Soup (10 serv.)

i11. Vietnamese Wonton Soup (10 serv.)

i12. Nam Vang Special Soup (10 serv.)

- Extra vegetables

- Extra wontons (30)

- Pork marrow bones (10 serv.)


J10. Tapioca Noodle Soup (10 serv.)

J11. T.N.S. with Pork Knuckles (10 serv.)

J12. T.N.S. with Crab (10 serv.)

- Extra vegetables


K10. Rice or Egg Noodle Beef Stew (10 serv.)

K11. Plain Braised Beef Stew (10 qt.) w/5 baguettes

- Extra vegetables – $5

- Extra baguette – $1/ea.


L10. Spicy Beef Vermicelli Soup (10 serv.) – $120

L11. S.B.V.S. with Pork Knuckles (10 serv.) – $130

- Extra vegetables - $10


M10. Shredded Chicken Congee (10 serv.) – $100

M11. Leftover Pork Congee (10 serv.) – $120

- Extra vegetables – $5

Downloadable Catering Menu (Tiếng Việt)

Menu có thể thay đổi. Có nhiều món lựa chọn hàng ngày không có trong thực đơn. Vui lòng gọi để biết thêm chi tiết.


Downloadable Catering Menu (English)

Menu subject to change. We makes unique items daily not listed in our menu. Contact us for more info!


Contact us!

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